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I'm Darren Clark and I'm a 52-year-old self funded Documentary Photographer from Geelong, Victoria. I attended Photographic Studies Collage in Melbourne for thee years and completed my Diploma of Illustrative Photography in 1998.

My work is a valuable part of every State and Territory Library's collection in the country. I have a series of images in the National War Memorial in Canberra. I was commissioned to provide the images for a book on Droving by the ABC.

I've exhibited my work in The Broken Hill Gallery, The Burke Exhibition Centre, and Tuggeranong Gallery in Canberra, the CSIRO Centre in Canberra, and the National Museum of Australia.

My personal quest has been to question the traditional and cultural stereotypes used by the mass media to define the typical Australian. I've spent the last 20 years of my life documenting a broad cross section of Australian culture looking at how these stereotypes influence the way we see ourselves and questioning if they are still relevant to modern Australians.

I have worked my way from Melbourne's inner city boardrooms to the Opal fields of Outback South Australia and beyond documenting the varying life styles and personalities of all classes, races, religions and sexes of individuals that inhabit this vast continent.

To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place� I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

I believes that it's not essential to be part of a particular class, race, religion or sex to belong here in Australia, what you need is the ability to possess a clear image of the society as a whole in order to recognise your place as a worthy contributor.

My first hand experiences have allowed me to develop a unique photographic style resulting in imagery of outstanding quality.

I can integrate myself comfortably into a wide range of different locations and situations; my approach towards my subjects and their worlds is a personal one. I share their life's experiences capturing moments with spontaneity and integrity, there is minimal posing, just candid moments that are natural, passionate, and fresh.

My images have an edgy, stylish feel. This style of photography requires great patience, understanding and acceptance of the subjects I have chosen to work with. The end results speak for themselves.

Darren J. Clark


Ph: 0403 213 361
ABN: 51 806 934 091

Academic Qualifications
• Diploma in Visual Arts
• Photographics Studies College,
  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
• Graduated with Honours (1998)


Exhibited and sold in a group show in Brixton UK called Bunch of Egos.

Sold a body of work to the National Library of Australia documenting the floods and solar farm at Darlington Point.

Sold a full body work to National Library of Austrlia documenting organic rice farming in Leeton NSw.

Sold a body work to National Library of Austrlia documenting seasonal workers in the Riverina NSw.

Commisioned by Duxtton Nuts to document 2023 walnut harvest which lead to work in Vanuatu doceumenting seasonal workers.

Sold a full body work to State Library of New South Wales documenting Walnut Harvesting in Leeton NSW.

Documented the build of the Northern Grandstand of Kardinia Park Geelong.

Sold a body work to National Library of Austrlia documenting outback Northern Territory.

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Third body of work added to Mitchell Picture Collection addressing the effects climate change.

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2 journeys into outback New South Wales. Both bodies of work included in the Mitchell Picture Collection in the State Library Of NSW.

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Collected 7th full body of work for the State Library of Western Australia looking at the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on West Australias culture.

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Collected 6th full body of work for the State Library of Western Australia to be included in the Batty Collection.

Ten images collected by the National War Memorial, Canberra taken in East Kimberleys documenting Indigenous Anzac Day.

National Library of Austrlia, Canberra purchased images documenting the Rainbow Serpent in Northern Territory.

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Two full bodies of work collected by the State Library of Western Australia.

Commissioned by the Worman Arts Centre, Kimberleys covering their 20th anniversary.

Top 20 finalist in the Australian Life Exhibition.

Published in 3 different books by the National Library of Austrlia, Canberra. Australian Rivers, Life blood of a country, Willy the Wonder Kid, Treasure of the Outback, History of Nursing in Australia.

2 bodies of work published in Volo magazine

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Sold 2 bodies of work to State Library of Western Australia

Work collected by the ACT library in Canberra

Provided front cover image for the book 'Outback Legends'

2nd place for image in Photoshoot awards.

2 bodies of work published in Volo magazine

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I was collected by the Northern Territory Library and the National Library of Australia.

Exhibited in 2 exhibitions at QDOS Gallery, Lorne Victoria

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Reviews written about my career in Australian Photography and the National Library of Australian magazines.

Freelanced for the Tasmanian & QLD Library.

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Bruce Simpson book 'Drover' published.

Worked for the Tasmanian & QLD Library.

Exhibition in Q-Dos Gallery

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Sold to SA library, NT library QLD library and National Library of Australia

Commisioned by Harper Collins Publishing to provide images for a book callled 'Drover'

Solo exhibition in the Northern Territory Library

Article in the Weekend Australian (link).

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Sold work South Australian library, Northern Territory library and National library of Australia.

Solo exhibition in the CSIRO in Canberra.

Finalist in the Morane Art Prize.

Group Exhibition in the National Library of Australia.

Article in the Weekend Australian (link).

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The Australian
Daly River Crossing image (right) featured in The Australian • view

Australian Geographic Magazine

Work published in issue 101 The Australian Cray Fishing Industry In WA.

Exhibition : June 2011
Tuggeranong Art Centre
. NAIDOC week June 2011.
12 images documenting the Indigenous lifestyle in the Daly River Basin.

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National Library of Australia
48 images collected from my Northern Territory trip working with Indigenous culture around the Daly River region and in and around Darwin city.

Northern Territory Library
36 images collected documenting the Lifestyle in the top end and Indigenous culture in the Daly River Basin.

National Library of Australia
Six images purchased - Four looking at the Fortescue mining Camp in NW Western Australia and two looking at street culture around Perth.


National Museum of Australia, Canberra
Selected an image I made on Australia Day for the home page of their website to promote an exhibition called, Australia which will be touring for the next 2 years.  

Kiss My Camera. Live music award, Perth
First place for an image of a live music act.           

The National Library of Australia, Canberra
A series of ten images depicting street culture in Perth.


Commenced working in September as a free lance photographer for the Community News in Northbridge, Perth

State Library of Western Australia
Sold a complete work book on Ballet training at the Terri Charlesworth Ballet Centre and a number of images that looked at street culture around Perth. 
Northbridge History Project

A body of images compiled over a four month period, documenting the fabric of society in Northbridge, Perth.  

Vivid National Photographic Festival
Eight images of drought in NSW were exhibited in an exhibition at Old Parliament House, Canberra 2008. The exhibition then toured Australia for an extended period.


IIA Dentsu InterAd X1 world championship Winner- Boomerang Team
representing Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.
The Boomerang Team submitted ten images, which first won the Pan Pacific Title and then went on to win the world championships in New York. Nine of the winning images were created by me, one by the lecturer and the words and graphic designs were provided by other team members.

Impact: A Changing Land- Exhibition at the State Library of NSW
Opened by the Australian of the Year; Mr. Tim Flannery.
Four of my images were chosen for display in this exhibition. The images were part of the series purchased by the State Library of NSW depicting the drought of 2002.

The National Library of Australia, Canberra

A series of images depicting inner-city Perth were purchased by the library.

The National Library of Australia, Canberra
Four images of Perth street culture and four images of young Ballerina’s training for Youth Ballet W.A. were purchased in September. 


The State Library of NSW, Sydney
A series of 29 colour images depicting life in the rural communities of North-West NSW chosen for The Mitchell Picture Collection.

The National Library of Australia, Canberra
A series of 13 street images covering street life in Melbourne and Canberra collected by the library. The images depict heroin addicts, prostitutes and sub-cultures.

The Little Malop Fine Art gallery, Geelong VIC.
An inspiring group exhibition of diverse responses of the human figure; in this show five of my images were on display along side the work of Norman Lindsay, Ottavio Boron and Linda Robertson.

The State Library of NSW General Annual Report
Alan Davies, Curator of Photography for the Mitchell Collection, chose one of my images, purchased at the beginning of the year to illustrate the Annual Report. The image used is of the Robinson Family of Engonia hand-feeding their cattle sugar cane during the 2002 drought.

The National Library of Australia, Canberra
A series of 13 images of the sex industry and drug abuse were purchased in Novemeber. These images were made in Melbourne and Canberra. The drug abuse images document drug use in the streets of Melbourne and the sex industry images record the work done by strippers in clubs around Melbourne and Canberra. 


Photo Access Art Centre, Canberra
Two months artist in residence.

The National Library of Australia, Canberra
A series of ten images collected by the library. The images epict the drought in NSW during 2002-2004. One of the images was the one hundred thousandth image to be scanned onto the library website which resulted in an article in The Canberra Times.

 - Tuggeranong Art Centre, Canberra
Solo exhibition, “The Fringe Dwellers”.This show was held in collaboration with Michelle Grattan’s book launch of “Back on the Wool Track”.

2003 - Burke Exhibition Centre.
A series of images documenting the effects of drought during 2002-2003 have been placed in the Burke Archives. I also produced imagery of the Burke Exhibition Centre for promotional purposes.

 - Broken Hill Gallery, NSW
Group exhibition-“Dust”. Four of my images were collected by the Broken Hill Gallery and were included in an exhibition that toured Europe. They were shown at the Australian Embassy’s in Dublin, Vienna, Slovenia, Copenhagen, Poland, South Africa and Turkey. My work was hung along side artists such as Pro Hart, Sam Byrne nd indigenous artist Brian Martin and Badger Bates.

2001 - The Zetta Florence Gallery Melbourne.
Solo Exhibition “Faces of the Street”. A body of black and white images documenting life on Brunswick street at the beginning of the new century. This work was collected by The LaTrobe Picture Collection, State Library Victoria.

State Library of Victoria, LaTrobe Picture Collection
Twelve images documenting street culture of inner-city Melbourne. 

2000 - Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne
Solo exhibition, “Smitten”. A body of twelve images depicting the female form.

The Roar Gallery, Fitzroy Melbourne
Group exhibition, “In the Name of the Dog”. This exhibition was the final exhibition before the gallery was closed. The Roar Gallery was Victoria’s oldest running gallery.