Northern Territory Library
192 images collected documenting the Lifestyle in the top end and Indigenous culture in the Daly River Basin.

National Library of Australia
Six images purchased - Four looking at the Fortescue mining Camp in NW Western Australia and two looking at street culture around Perth.

West Australian State Library - 2018
WA State Library collected 2 bodies of work into the Batty collection.

West Australian Library - 2017
WA State Library collected 2 bodies of work

ACT Library - 2017

National Library of Australia - 2016

Northern Territory Library - 2016

Tasmanian Library - 2015

Queensland Library - 2015

National Library of Australia - 2015

Tasmanian Library - 2014

Queensland Library - 2014

National Library of Australia - 2014

Queensland Library - 2013

South Australian Library - 2013

National Library of Australia - 2013

Northern Territory Library - 2013

South Australian Library - 2012

Northern Territory Library - 2012
Collected by the NT Library

National Library of Australia - 2011

Northern Territory Library - 2011
2 full bodies of work collected by the NT Library

National Library of Australia - 2010
48 images collected from my Northern Territory trip working with Indigenous culture around the Daly River region and in and around Darwin city.

National Museum of Australia - 2009
Selected an image made on Australia Day for the home page of their website to promote an exhibition called, Australia which will be touring for the next 2 years.

National Library of Australia - 2009
A series of ten images depicting street culture in Perth.

State Library of Western Australia - 2008
Complete work book on Ballet training at the Terri Charlesworth Ballet Centre and a number of images that looked at street culture around Perth. 

National Library of Australia - 2007
8 images depicting Inner City Perth - 4 images of street culture, and 4 images of Youth Ballet W.A.

National Library of Australia - 2005
Series of ten images depicting the drought in NSW 2002/03
• click here for an example

State Library of NSW - 2006
Mitchell Picture Collection
Series of 29 colour images depicting life in rural communities in North Western NSW

State Library of Victoria - 2001
Latrobe Picture Collection
Faces of the Street
- Monochrome images documenting life on Brunswick Street at the beginning of the new century.

Bourke Archives - 2002/03
Images documenting affects of drought

Broken Hill Gallery - 2002
Four images collected by Broken Hill Gallery and included in European tour.